My Writing Journey

Someone asked me this, “How do you write to empower yourself?”

And this is what I answered, “Before we answer that question, let us understand what happens when we write to empower ourselves? Well, the answer is many actions take place simultaneously. 

The “I” within you is no longer afraid of being afraid.

The “I” outside of you is no longer uncomfortable about stepping into the uncomfortable.Circuitous paths begin to open up. The “I” steps from shadows into the light. In the background, the chaos fades and all that the “I” hears is the rhythmic cadence of  it’s footfalls as it moves, strides and marches with strength and power which the “I” rightfully owns.”

I write to empower myself. I write to create little communities with whom I can laugh and share my favourite stories. I write to multiply.

This is my writing portfolio.

My Editing Journey

These are the books I have edited

What can I help you with

If you are stuck in life and wanting to get back into flow
if you would like me to facilitate a group coaching /corporate workshop

If you have any writing project related to transformation or change work, drop me a line. I would love to collaborate with you.

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