MSP Awareness

I conduct workshops exclusively related to Mental Space Psychology. For more information, please visit this page.

MSP Shorts is an intense workshop of 4 hours where the participants get to taste of the brilliant paradigm that is Mental Space Psychology. Through a series of exercises, they will be able to make empowering changes in their lives. The next MSP Shorts is scheduled on 10th November 2019. The fee for MSP Shorts is INR900.

Introduction to MSP is a two day course where the participants learn to:

  1. Create empowered versions of them using mental space.
  2. Overcome limiting beliefs and create new, empowered beliefs. 
  3. Tap into their hidden creativity to excel and heal.
  4. Understand how they can improve confidence in certain contexts.
  5. Deal with authority figures
  6. Get a brief glimpse of how we can get rid of unhealthy food habits.
  7. Understand how you can work with problem people in your life without getting bogged down. 

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