About Me

I am an NLP Life Coach and a Mental Space Psychologist. I coach people and enable them to reach their desired outcome with joy and ease. I work with them on a 1:1 basis and also do group sessions. I also work with organizations and deliver specific outcome driven workshops.

In other words, I help people and organizations get back into Flow.

I have trained with the best people in the field:

  • Dr Lucas Derks who kindled the love of spaces within me and who certified me as a Social Panorama Consultant/Mental Space Psychologist
  • Dr Bhavana Nissima, the Founder of “Lightweaver House of NLP” with whom I did my NLP Practitioner course for the second time.
  • Mark Andreas with whom I did, “Core Transformation”.
  • Sudip Mukerjee with whom I did my NLP Practitioner Course and my Master NLP Practitioner Course.

A Humbling Moment

“After listening to Sridevi Datta's talk on NLP via FM Rainbow, I actually started thinking about accepting my vulnerability, Whatever be reason, I was pushing back or running away from a surgical intervention which I very much knew was inevitable for me. Though my ailment was not life threatening, the intervention was needed make me lead a life better in Quality. Within a week after the talk, I went to my ENT alone and boldly went ahead with my surgery in the next month. It did not end there, right in the hospital I happened to read Sridevi Datta's FB post expressing her willingness to personally counsel (using NLP techniques) people dealing with long standing issues either in personal or professional life. I thought it was high time I did something better to deal with my mother, who suffers from a perennial dissatisfaction and is constantly blaming someone for it. That someone could be anyone including her husband, son or daughter. And I as her daughter, was feeling helpless about not being able to satisfy her and always living in guilt. As I unfolded to Sridevi over phone, she assured I would feel better after a couple of sessions. Later that week she visited me at home and was talking to me just like my inner self. What we did together was to dig out the guilt at the bottom of my heart and burn it to ashes. This made me feel lighter as I started accepting the fact that I am not the root cause for my relationship with my mother and I need not feel guilty because my guilt was literally affecting my life. I am now looking forward to the Family Panorama session with Sridevi Datta to make a deeper sense of how my thoughts can truly help me drive my key relationships.”
A soft skill trainer

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